Pranavam has loads to keep you engaged. As you walk through the vast area with coffee plantations, paddy fields, betel nut trees, spices and catch the early morning sunrise you wonder if you have entered a spice haven. Hornbills and many other birds are found in the plantation. It is set in a 150 acre plantation in the beautiful South Wayanad tea,coffee & Spices country.


    Hike into the forests, heading towards a mountain stream. There are many irresistible swimming holes that one can spend time at. There is a longer walk to a stream, ending in a natural pool. If you don’t mind tadpoles and members of the water family, then you can also take a dip in the cool waters.


    Choose the adrenaline driven river rafting in Wayanad for that ultimate rush! The Kabini River that flows through Wayanad is the main area of action. Where bamboo rafts will await you with river guides and life jackets. Get midstream and pole, row, swim or wade your way to the landing point.


    One of the most pleasant and rustic settlements situated on the north-west of Kerala, Wayanad is also known as the ‘Land of Paddy Fields’. A cycling tour in this place enchants you with scenic views and pleasant trails. Get onto the cycles and pedal down one of the many scenic trails either on smooth roads or mixing roads with mud trails based on your fitness and preference.